Congratulations to Ben “Quadzillator” for winning his first Powerlifting Comp

Congratulations to Ben “Quadzillator 2.0” for winning his first IPF sanctioned powerlifting competition at UQ on Sunday with a 600kg total at 82.5kg Squat: 212.5kg Bench: 140kg Deadlift: 247.5kg At Coco’s gym we didn’t expect anything different from Ben, he is immensely dedicated to Powerlifting and always puts 100% into his training. If you are into[…]

Eben Leroux Australia’s Strongest Man Seminar

Eben Leroux Australia’s Strongest Man Seminar To continue to bring you the best Strongman Training facility on the Gold Coast, Coco’s Gym will team up with current Australia’s Strongest Man, Eben Le Roux for an Atlas Stone technique Seminar that will also cover Farmers Walks and Yoke Walks. This Seminar will be held on Saturday,[…]

March member of the month Jason deadlifting

March member of the month

March member of the month Meet Jason, the man with the will of steel! As a coach, I consider Jason as a really good athlete, he is always eager to train hard and learn new training tips. On top of that, he is one of few in the gym to help me tidy up the[…]

QLD Strongman round 1 2015

QLD Strongman round 1 2015 Congratulations to the strongman #cocosanimalpack crew that participated at the QLD strongman Round 1. Overall, everyone did really and gave 100% in each event.   Keya competed in the Women’s division 1 and finished second. Women’s Division 1 events: Loading (staggered) 40kg keg, 54kg keg, 60kg keg, 70kg sandbag Log[…]


WOMEN’S STRENGTH WORKSHOP # 2 Are you enjoying going to the gym and doing more than just Cardio? Want to get the most out of your squats? Have you wanted to try deadlifting but have too many people that “it is bad for your back”? The women’s Strength workshop will make it learn your way[…]

Success story Daniel Mason powerlifting

Success story Daniel Mason powerlifting Here is another success story from one of the coolest members of Coco’s Gym. Daniel first contacted me about his rehabilitation regarding his ACL reconstruction and also to gain strength. I told him to come in and have a chat with me and so did he. He came in with[…]