Success story Daniel Mason powerlifting

Success story Daniel Mason powerlifting

Here is another success story from one of the coolest members of Coco’s Gym. Daniel first contacted me about his rehabilitation regarding his ACL reconstruction and also to gain strength. I told him to come in and have a chat with me and so did he. He came in with his partner Jodie and they both signed up as soon as they stepped in the gym. I helped him a bit with his rehabilitation work and then coached him with his powerlifting movements. He then followed one of the powerlifting programs I developed for him and saw his lifts got stronger in less than 6 weeks.
As a coach, I am proud of you and I can’t wait to see you compete at the GPC nationals.

From Dan:
“I started training at Coco’s about 4 months after having an ACL reconstruction, I stopped playing football due to personal reason following this injury and wanted to return to full function and strength. After a bit of training my personal best for squat was 185kg and a bit more along the track Coco asked me about doing GPC states which I agreed upon to. I felt reluctant and unsure about doing a competition since I was afraid of being weak, however as time went on I decided that the only important thing to me was if I put my best foot forward and to do my best on the day.
Nonetheless with encouragement from Coco and everyone at the gym I worked as hard as I could and on the day I totalled 620kg with a 260kg Squat ( i felt I had plenty more in the tank), 105kg bench press and 255kg deadlift.
The squat was the most significant lift for me coming through this surgery and rehabilitation.

I doubt I would be at this level so soon if it wasn’t for Coco and training with animals like Ben and everyone else’s encouragement down at the gym. It’s noq little under 14 weeks until GPC Nationals and I am more confident than ever now that I can slip down a weight class and still walk away with a bigger total. I feel hungry to become better than anything I ever thought I could be, and with hard work and an iron will, I know I can.

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