September 1, 2014

Online Coaching & Programming

Online Coaching & Programming

Do you live too far away to come in for a training session? Or require more than just a program!?
Coco’s Gym provides in house and online coaching services that are personally tailored to your strength goals and the equipment you have available. Whether you’re training for an upcoming competition or looking for support and guidance for your fitness routine, Coco will ensure you reach your full potential by conducting weekly one-on-one check ins and technique analysis. 

After a free consultation outlining your strength goals, Coco will develop a customised workout routine. Drawing on his years of experience as a sports scientist and professional strength competitor, he will then regularly check in to hear how you’re tracking, tweaking the program if necessary.

By analysing your workout on video, Coco can provide point-by-point feedback on your technique. This will ensure you’re activating the right muscles and achieving the maximum gains.

Online Coaching

Duration: 12 weeks

Online coaching includes:

  • Custom training program.
  • Video analysis of your routine.
  • Ongoing Support.
  • Weekly check-ins and updates.
  • Email consultations.
  • Competition support and guidance.
  • Access to app.


Our programs are specialised by a qualified Sports Scientist to ensure maximum results. If you have a competition approaching, require rehabilitation, want to train weaknesses or reach a specific goal, our programs can be tailored to suit this.
Programming can be purchased with membership, via online coaching or individually.

Programs are available for 8 and 12 weeks.

  • 8 week individualised program
  • 8 week Push Pull program
  • 12 week individualised program
  • 12 week Push Pull program

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