Eben Leroux Australia’s Strongest Man Seminar

Eben Leroux Australia’s Strongest Man Seminar

Eben Leroux Australia's Strongest man

Eben Leroux Australia’s Strongest man

To continue to bring you the best Strongman Training facility on the Gold Coast, Coco’s Gym will team up with current Australia’s Strongest Man, Eben Le Roux for an Atlas Stone technique Seminar that will also cover Farmers Walks and Yoke Walks. This Seminar will be held on Saturday, 9th of May at Coco’s Gym from 9am to 12:00pm.

Eben will host a 3-hour seminar at Coco’s Gym focusing on Atlas Stones, basics of loading and tacky use to more advance Atlas Stone techniques like Shouldering and high loading (high platforms). Additional to that, Eben will talk about one of his specialties, the Farmers walk as well as the Yoke walk/carry.

The seminar will be $40 for Members of Coco’s Gym and $55 for non-members. To secure your place, payment needs to be processed before Wednesday, 6th of May.

Gym members will have first preference and numbers will be limited to 20 people. Our current Stone inventory is, 50, 62, 75, 87, 109, 112, 120, 132, 138, 157kg stones, so Coco’s Gym has sizes to suit anyone to learn with or practice their advanced techniques with. Spider Tacky will be available at the gym for purchase on the day for those that do not currently have any of their own.

The event will start at 9 am and it will end with a BBQ (Sausages, Onions and Bread) for all participants at 12pm.

8am: Gym Opens and normal Strongman Group training for 1 hour.
9 am – 10am: Yoke carry
10-11am: Farmers walk
11-12pm: Stone loading, Stone to shoulder
12pm: BBQ and free time to practice techniques learned.
2:00pm Gym closes

To participate in this seminar, please contact us on email: Coco@cocosgym.com.au or call 0431-796-302.

Eben’s Strongman Competitions and Achievements:

2008-2009: 2nd Australia’s Strongest Man
2010: 3rd Australia’s Strongest Man
2011: 2nd Australia’s Strongest Man, 3rd Fitx Strongest Man, 1st Clash of the Titans, pulled world heaviest truck
2012: 7th Giants Live Melbourne, 1st Brisbane fitness expo, Worlds Strongest Man contender
2013: 7th Giants Live Melbourne
2014: 5th Giants Live Melbourne, World’s Strongest Man contender
2015: 5th Arnold’s Melbourne, won title of Australia’s Strongest Man and Southern Hemisphere’s Strongest Man

Eben Leroux Australia's Strongest man 400kg deadlift

Eben Leroux Australia’s Strongest man 400kg deadlift

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Atlas Stone Techniques:
Correct holding of a small stone
Correct holding of a large stone
Hip hinge
How to apply and use tacky (and use tape, Eben doesn’t use tape or sleeves)
Stone carrying to a platform
Stone loading to a platform/yoke/bar
Stone shouldering
stone “popping” and high loading
How to “read a stone” i.e.: what to look for in a stone in how to pick it up. Avoid the flat side on a stone on the pickup, dusty stones will make tacky almost useless.
What clothing to wear for stone loading

Sport-scientist/Strength coach/Personal Trainer

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