July 14, 2011

About us

Get to know us at Coco’s Gym…

Coco’s Gym is locally owned and operated by Jean-Stephen Coraboeuf “Coco”. The gym doors opened back in May 2014, shortly after Jean-Stephen began training Strongman.

Coco’s Gym was created with the goal to become one of the best strength & conditioning facilities in Australia. The second goal was to grow Strongman in Australia, more importantly Queensland.
With the vast range of Strongman equipment, passion for lifting and an atmosphere like no other – we are fast on our way to achieving these goals.

The man behind Coco’s Gym is not only well known as a Strongman competitor, competing at The World’s Strongest Man 2 years in a row (2022, 2023) but also as one of Australia’s leading strength coaches. Jean-Stephen aka Coco graduated with a Masters in High performance and Sports Science at Bond University. His specialties lie in Strength & Conditioning, Strongman, Powerlifting and Rehabilitation. Along with his qualifications and specialties he has a strong passion for peak strength.

Because Coco’s Gym is locally owned and operated there is a more personal approach with how the gym operates. Coco knows his members by name and their training goals individually. This is a key factor in the family like atmosphere we pride ourselves on.


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