October 23, 2012

Gym Equipment

At Coco’s gym we endeavour to provide a unique kind of Strength training. To do this we source the most up to date Strength specific implements in Australia and we will continue doing this.
We pride ourselves on having the equipment to cater for such a large number of training niches such as Strongman, Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Crossfit and Body building. Whatever your Strength, health or fitness goal may be Coco’s has what you need.

Having access to the specialised equipment of your sport is important. Coco’s gym not only caters for competitive Strongman competitors but also Powerlifter’s. You will find power bars, Eleiko bar’s, a Monolift and calibrated Powerlifting plates.

“I have personally trained on many different machines, with different weights and specialized strength training tools over the years. Because of this I have worked towards having an amazing selection of gym equipment for my clients to use, no matter how they like to train”.

Coco’s Gym Equipment


– 2 x 30kg 8 inch Logs

– 65kg Precision Strength Equipment Log, 10 inch barrel
– 80kg Precision Strength Equipment Log, 12 inch barrel
– 102.5kg 13 inch Log
– 40kg 10 inch pink Log
– 35kg 8inch Stand or Submit MR Log
– 50kg 10inch Stand or Submit MR Log
– 81.5kg 12 inch Stand or Submit MR Log
– Stand or Submit 6 inch Log 18kg
– 105kg Gedininas Log

Monster Dumbbells
– Monster dumbbell handle, loadable to 100kg

– Monster dumbbell 105kg
– Monster dumbbell 25kg
– 3x Monster dumbbells loadable to 120kg+
– Monster dumbbell 15kg
– Stand or submit Monster Dumbbell 26kg
– Stand or submit Monster Dumbbell 65kg
– Stand or submit Pro Monster Dumbbell 80kg

Strongman equipment

– 70kg Yoke
– 100kg Yoke
– Atlas Stones – 44kg, 50kg, 50kg, 62kg, 70kg, 75kg, 80kg, 82.5kg, 85kg, 87kg, 90kg, 92kg, 100kg, 109kg,
112kg, 115kg, 120kg, 132kg, 139kg, 150kg,149kg, 157kg, 171kg, 179kg, 180kg, 200kg, 205kg
– Atlas Stone tiered rack (80cms, 1.0m, 1.2m, 1.4m, 1.6m platforms)
-Natural stones 36kg to 140kg
– Kegs – 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg, 34kg, 45kg, 50kg, 63kg, 80kg, 90kg, 100kg, 125kg
– Sand Bag – 30kg, 40kg, 50kg, 65kg, 70kg, 80kg,120kg
– Cerberus throwing sandbags
– Tyres – 1 x 200kg, 300kg, 400kg and 280kg approx weights
– Spud inc. Truck Pull Harness
– Battle Rope x2
– 10kg Axle
– 2x 12kg Axle
– 2 30kg knurled axles
– 40kg axle
– Silver dollar Deadlift
-Stand or submit Silver dollar deadlift
– Apollon’s axle with plates to load cart wheels. Heavy set means 125kg Apollon’s axle,
smaller set means a 92kg Apollons Axle, also a super axle will weigh 152kgs
– 2 Duck Walk Handles
– 3 sets of farmers walk handles
– 1 Conan’s Wheel
– 1 Viking press
– 1 Strongman squat machine
– Stand or Submit Barry carry
-Small Barry Carry
– Stand or Submit 80kg atlas stone
– Fingal fingers
– 2 Power Stairs
-Car deadlift frame
-Frame carry
-Custom built Hercules Hold
-Chain Yoke
-Stand or Submit Viking press
– Yoke Charriot


– Dumbbells – 2.5kg to 50kg
– Force Dumbbells – 1-10kg
– Force Dumbbells 55kg -60kg
– Dumbbells 60kg, 65kg, 70kg, 75kg and 80kg.
– Calibrated Goliath Powerlifting plates
– Calibrated Olympic Bumper Plates – total 1000kg (5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg plates)
– Calibrated Challenge Barbell Powerlifting Plates – total 500kg (5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg plates)
– Regular rubber coated Olympic weight plates – 1000kg – (1.25kg, 2.5kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg plates)
– Kettlebells – 4kg to 32kg
– Deadballs – 4kg to 65kg
– Bands

Barbell Rack/Cages/Presses
and similar strength gym equipment

– 2 Force USA competition bench presses
– Monolift
– Squat Rack
– 1 Pair of squat stands
– Flat Bench
– Adjustable Incline/Decline Bench
– 2x force power Racks
– Revolution prone bench
– Sissy squat
– Force Crossfit rig

– Seated Calf machine
– Calf squat machine
– Decline bench

– Belt squat


– 4 * SMAI Olympic Bar’s
– 2 * Texas Power Bar’s
– 1 * Fat Bar
– 1 Goliath Deadlift Bar
– 2 Trap bar’s
– 1 * Okie deadlift Bar
– 1 * Safety Squat Bar
– 1 * Challenge power Bar
– 1 Rogue Deadlift Bar
– Rogue bamboo barbell

– 5 Force USA gunner Bar’s
– Aussie Strength Bent Bar
– Swiss Bar
– Cambered Bar


– Glute Ham Raise Machine
– Leg Press machine
– Verve Leg Extension machine
– Verve lying Hamstring Curl machine
– Seated Hamstring curl
– Machine Squat
– Smith Machine
– Chest press machine
– Bicep machine
– Pectoral Fly machine
– Shoulder press machine
– Seated twin cable row machine
– Seated chest supported row machine
– Standing t-bar row machine
– Functional Trainer/Cable Crossover
– Lateral Pulldown
– Reverse Hyper
– Hack squat
– Multi Press
– Ab crunch machine

 Cardio Equipment

– A rowing machine
– A spin bike
– Air assault bike

– Turf
– Sled
– SkiErg