March member of the month

March member of the month

Meet Jason, the man with the will of steel! As a coach, I consider Jason as a really good athlete, he is always eager to train hard and learn new training tips. On top of that, he is one of few in the gym to help me tidy up the gym after strongman training. For a 46 years old man, he is still kicking ass when it comes to training and he is a great competition to youngsters. Jason is the walking proof that age isn’t a factor when strength training is the main goal. Anyone is capable to become strong if they put the work behind it. Jason finished 6th in his last strongman competition and I believe that he will win his first competition in the next 3 months.

March member of the month Jason lifting stone

March member of the month Jason lifting stone

I asked Jason to answer few questions:

1 -Why did you sign up at COCO’S GYM?

I already knew Chad, and kept seeing strongman stuff on his Facebook. I’ve been going to various other gyms for many years, on and off, usually more off than on! I was never going to become a bodybuilder, so I had no measurable goals. I just trained because I enjoyed it. The strongman training really interested me so I came down to Coco’s and loved it. Everyone there is awesome, and all the cool equipment is there. I then found out there are quite a few competitions throughout the year, that all levels of experience can enter, so now I have goals to train for. Also, Coco’s knowledge and experience in strength training is fantastic, and has helped me immensely. I’ve just completed a specialised 4-week workshop on the basic powerlifts, and can’t wait to get training and beat my PBs!

2-How many times a week do you train?

I was training 3 days and doing 2 group strongman sessions a week. But I was getting run down and I didn’t feel I was improving. I cut back to 2 training and 2 group strongman sessions for the last 5 weeks, in preparation for the QLD strongman Round 1, and broke a few PBs in that time! I have to remember I’m not 20 years old anymore!

3-What are your hobbies?

My hobbies are obviously strongman training and competition! But outside of the gym, I play video games, love watching horror movies, and listening to heavy metal music!! I’m not sure if it’s a hobby, but I enjoy walking my dogs around Pacific Pines after work.

4-What is your favourite meal?

Favourite meal? That’s a hard one!

I like all food. I love chocolate, is that a meal?

If I had to pick, I’d go with Roast lamb and roasted veges.

March member of the month Jason deadlifting

March member of the month Jason deadlifting

Jean-Stephen “Coco”
Sport-Scientist/Strength Coach/Personal Trainer

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