Success story Ben Senden Powerlifting

Success story Ben Senden Powerlifting

6 months ago, I received an email from Ben asking about powerlifting and strength training. I advised him to come to the gym and have a coaching session with me so I could check out his technique and training routine.
At that time his PB’s were the following: 150kg Squat, 160kg Deadlift and 100kg Bench press. After the training session, he went home with a 4-week training program.

5 weeks later Ben came to the gym and we once again tested 1RM, Ben hit 160kg Squat, 107.5kg Bench press and 170kg deadlift.

After that, Ben joined the gym full time and became part of the Coco’s Gym family. Since then he has been incredibly dedicated to his training. As a coach I am really proud of his first ever official powerlifting competition where he broke 4 national records for his age and weight category.

Good work and we will make you ready for the GPC nationals in May.

From Ben:

“The 2015 GPC QLD Powerlifting Titles was a rewarding and nerve racking experience. Having improved so much from my first novice powerlifting meet, I knew I wanted to post some significant meet PB’s. My preparation in the gym and my diet were on path, so I knew if I completed everything according to plan I would have a successful day. I went 9/9 lifts, obtained PB’s in the Squat, Bench and Deadlift and broke 4 GPC Australian Teenage Records. Coco’s guidance and the support from the Coco’s Gym members ensured me with a great place to train to strive to obtain my goals. My next meet will be Nationals in May which I can’t wait to compete in!”

Success story Ben powerliftin

Success story Ben powerlifting

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