Welcome to the newest Gold Coast gym

Hi, I am Coco and welcome to the newest Gold Coast gym.
My new gymnasium caters for many strength and fitness training interests. Most notably we have a large range of Strongman implements you won’t find anywhere else on the Gold Coast plus other specialised powerlifting equipment as well as regular strength and cardio machines.
Come in and visit this weekend, Saturday the 24th of May, we have our open day BBQ at the Gym from 11:00am. Try lifting an Atlas Stone. How strong is your grip? Have a go at the Captains of Crush grippers, can you close 1,2,3 or 4. There is some prizes and a raffle.
I look forward to meeting you there.

Jean-Stephen Coraboeuf (Coco)
Owner/Founder – Coco’s Gym

Coco with his mural of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Coco with his Idol as Mural, Arnold Schwarzenegger

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