GPC Nationals Powerlifting – Qualifier

Powerlifting – Gold Coast qualifier for the GPC Nationals

David Oller, Nick Viner and I(Coco) have been training to compete in the GPC Nationals qualifier to be held on June 6, 7 and 8th at the Grand Chancellor Hotel on the Gold Coast. A qualifying event was held at PTC Gold Coast on the 4th of May. I went in with a sore ankle and squatted a simple 180kgs to qualify my squats with one attempt, i elected to forgo my following two attempts with my ankle problem. My bench press went very well and I equaled my personal best with a 190kg lift on my 3rd attempt. After my strong performance in the Bench press I felt good and went on to set a new personal best in my deadlift with 312.5kg, 2.5kg more than my previous best. I will compete in the under 110kg class


David Oller, while in training still for the upcoming Nationals, kept his lifts under control and posted a 160kg squat, 90kg bench and a 205kg deadlift. All below his PB’s but good lifts in the build up of his training schedule for the Nationals in June. David will be competing in the under 82.5kg class.


Nick Viner had an amazing day and went on to set the under 16 yrs, 82.5kg class Bench press record with a lift of 97.5kgs. He went on to post a 145kg squat and a 180kg deadlift, amazing numbers for a boy as young as he is. He has come a long way in the time that he has been training with me and I expect a lot more will come along in the future, he loves the gym and training!


The rest of the results from the day are posted here :GPC Nationals Gold Coast Qualifer Website. The whole event was very well run and an incredible day overall with many records broken in the lead up to the GPC Nationals.


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