The Bulgarian Split Squat

Lets talk about this modified squat stance…

Let’s talk about this modified squat stance. I would like address this lift to you since I was once concerned about my knees. Before I departed to the USA for the Arnold’s World Amateur Strongest Man championship, my knees gave me grief so I decided to do some research regarding exercises that would benefit my knees/speed up the healing process.

Normal back squatting was out of questions since my knees started to hurt on the upward phase of the squat.

The question was what squatting exercise would benefit my knees and also maintain/increase my leg strength?

The split squat is a squat performed using a staggered stance. McCurdy et al. (2005) Speirs et al. (2015) found that the BSS may well be as effective as the back squat for improving the 1RM back squat. WINNING !!!!! A research also found that the BSS had a greater hamstrings and gluteus medius muscle activity (DOUBLE WINNING FOR MY ROAD TO 800lbs deadlift) but less quadriceps muscle activity than the back squat. (McCurdy et al, 2010)

Regarding my knees, I found that the split squat appears to display greater hip extension moments (moment arm is the perpendicular distance from an axis to the line of action of a force,BIOPHYSICS!!!) and smaller knee extension moments than the standard back squat which means that the split squat is easier on the knees (TRIPLE WINNING!!!!!) (Shutz et al., 2014).

To conclude with a QUADRUPLE WINNING, the BSS and back squat produce similar post exercise testosterone which is a significant finding as an elevation in testosterone can have a positive effect on muscular strength (Jones et al., 2012)

THE Bulgarian Split Squat is a great substitute to normal back squat, easy on your knees which promotes a faster healing process and makes you big and strong by releasing the same level of post exercise testosterone!!!!


1- Stand with your feet hip width apart and place one foot to the fornt with your knee slightly bent, and your rear foot on top of a bench behind you. Hold your dumbbells to your sides.

2- Engage your core stabilizers (Trunk muscles and erectors). Keep your body upright and your head facing forward. Bend over front knee toward a right angle while your rear knee is lowered almost to the floor.

3- Slowly straighten your front leg back to the start position.

4- Repeat step 2 for the required reps before switching to your other leg.

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