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You are only as strong as your foundation. Coco will show you the nuts & bolts of what you need to train, to eat and to be a healthy and high performing individual

Coco’s Gym is the only specialised Strongman gym on the Gold Coast and provides a great place for anyone to come and try Strongman training under the watchful eye of Coco. Whether you want to compete in Strongman or just experience a different style of training Coco’s gym is for you!

Online Coaching

Live too far away to make use of Cocos extensive knowledge and experience in person? Online coaching, programming and video analysis of techniques are available from Coco to all levels of athletes looking to get stronger, rehabilitate or prepare for their sport.

Strength & Conditioning

Whether you want to gain strength, lose weight, increase muscle or prepare for a competition Coco’s 1 on 1 strength session’s are for you. These sessions are customised for your goals and needs.


Having access to the specialised equipment of your sport is important. Cocos gym offers power bars, Eleiko Bars, deadlift bars, monolift and calibrated powerlifting plates. Plus Cocos knowledge of strength gain, get the most out of your powerlifting by training at Cocos Gym.

Coco's Gym

The most diverse strength training facility on the Gold Coast
Coco's gym is a locally owned & operated Gym

Coco’s gym exists to provide a unique environment and way of strength training that is productive, affordable and accessible to everyone. There is no greater place to gain the strength and fitness you have always desired as well as meeting new people in a vigorous atmosphere where you are not only accepted and respected but you are pushed to the limits to achieve your goals.

  • Passion

    Being a competitive Strongman and Powerlifter, Coco knows what it feels like to achieve goals and will happily help you to achieve your goals as well.

  • Experience

    Master of High Performance Science, Bond UniversityBachelor of Exercise Science, Griffith University Gold CoastCertificate III & IV in Personal Training, TAFE Gold Coast, Australia's Strongest Man under 105kgs

  • Community

    Coco's Gym has a group of like minded individuals that enjoy training for their own goals whether it be for fitness, bodybuilding, strength, powerlifing, rehabilitation or Strongman that will make you feel comfortable and welcome no matter what your goals

  • Donuts

    Because donuts are an integral part of strength training.

Strongman Group Training
Strongman Group Training
Every Saturday and Wednesday everyone joins together for the greatest of functional training sessions, Strongman Group Training. Anyone is welcome to have a go…
Coco & Colm Workshops
Coco & Colm Workshops
These Seminar’s are excellent for beginners as well as the advanced athletes wanting to improve their technique by learning from two of the best Strongmen in Australia.
Womens Stongman Group Training
Womens Stongman Group Training
Every second Thursday evening sees the congregation of women working hard and enjoying the sport of Strongman together. All while learning and getting stronger.
Technique Classes
Technique Classes
Wednesday evenings before Strongman group training Coco offers technique classes with a maximum of 6 people per class. Booking is essential.


Meet the team behind Coco's Gym
Jean-Stephen Coraboeuf
Jean-Stephen Coraboeuf
Owner/Head Coach
Master of High Performance Science, Bond University Bachelor of Exercise Science, Griffith University Certificate III & IV in Personal Training, TAFE Gold Coast Baccalaureate in Science (specialized in Mathematics), Blaise Pascal High-School Noumea, New-Caledonia
Arielle Chard
Arielle Chard
Gym Coordinator/ Group class instructor
Arielle handles all of the accounts, marketing, memberships and cleaning of the facility. As well as running the Strongman group classes.
Chad Croft
Chad Croft
Strongman technique coach
Chad is the man behind Strongman Gold coast and is dedicated to the growth of Strongman in Australia Strongman Technique Coach – Competition organiser – Strongman enthusiast – Equipment collaborator Chad is also a board member of the recently formed Australian Strongman Alliance, the first Strongman Federation in Australia.
Lucia Delle Noci
Lucia Delle Noci
Sponsored Athlete
Lucia has been a member of Coco’s Gym since the day we opened our doors. Her first Strongman competition was in 2014, since that day Lucia has had the goal to become one of Australia’s top Strongwoman athletes and we believe she is well on her way to achieving this goal with just securing the Log press record for U72 women.
Garret Gross
Garret Gross
Sponsored athlete.
Professional mixed martial artist. Garret is a former Australian BW Champ who is on the path of regaining his title. His dedication, passion and work ethic is something to be admired.


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