Yoga at Coco’s Gym!

Yoga or Lifting Weights – we say do both!

When it comes to Strength training, Strongman or just lifting weights in general participants seem to focus more on the lifting than their preparation and recovery.

Whilst warm ups, cool downs and stretching seem simple enough we still see members overlooking these fundamental parts of training and an injury is the last thing any of us want.

Because of this we have arranged for a qualified Yoga instructor to run a Yoga session every Monday night at Coco’s Gym.

Yoga has several benefits that will not only improve your training but also your overall health.
Some of these include:
-Improved flexibility and range of motion.
(If you improve your hip mobility chances are your squat is going to improve)
-Builds natural strength
-Improves posture
-Prevents cartilage and joint breakdown
-Improves endurance
-Balances both muscle fibres
-Increases blood flow
-Protects your spine
-Bone health
-Improves balance
-Improves core strength and breathing


If you’ve experience tight hamstrings whilst Deadlifting, lack of mobility in your shoulder whilst pressing a log or you are struggling to hit depth whilst squatting then give Yoga a go on Monday night’s!

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