Strong for a woman? No, just strong!

For the Strongwomen out there, who may be lacking motivation and need an athlete to look up to, here is that athlete!

After Lucia’s impressive win at Arnold’s Australia and her next competition Static World’s quickly approaching we thought it was time to sit down and interview her, so those who are already following her journey or newcomers looking for guidance in the sport, can get to know her and see what makes her a one of a kind Strongwoman.

It is evident that Lucia not only has natural strength and lifting abilities, but she also has dedication, determination, passion and a stubbornness like no other. We believe it is these attributes that will take her very far in this sport.
But it isn’t only training that makes her special, she is also one of the most unique people you will meet, with her sassy but loveable demeanour, love for food and kind heart.

Anyways that is enough from me, here is everything you need to know about Lucia in the lead up to Static World’s.


Training regime:
– 6 days per week
-2 or 3 hours per session

Personal bests:
Log press – 90kg
Monster Dumbbell – 55kg
Squat – 180kg
Atlas Stone – 120kg
Deadlift – 195kg
Silver Dollar Deadlift – 270kg
Clean & Jerk – 100kg
Farmers – 100kg


Favourite food/foods:

-Butter fried chicken maple syrup bacon burger
-Apple crumble pie
-Almond croissants
-Ben and Jerry ice cream
-Sweet potato fries
-Banoffee Pie
-Fried chicken
-Chilli basil Thai chicken dish
-Cheese burgers with extra cheese

So tell us who is Lucia?


I am a half Thai/half Italian girl living in Australia, who never dreamt of lifting above her body weight overhead, let alone winning Arnold’s Australia.


When did you start Strongman and why?

I first started doing Strongman in February 2014, before Coco started opening his own gym. I remember Chad telling me about Strongman training, I had no idea what I was getting myself into but all I knew was…there was heavy lifting involved and I’m all for getting myself stronger, so I showed up and never looked back. I was also getting bored and sick of my normal training routine of bodybuilding, so I thought I’d give something different a crack…and it was definitely different and unusual.


What is your favourite lift?

I think everyone who knows me well will be able to answer this question for me.

The Log of course, believe it or not I used to be not so good at this implement. I remember I couldn’t even put the empty 30kg log above my head. It hated me as much as I hated it, but because of my stubbornness I had a goal to dominate the implement. I came to the gym every day and before I even started doing my programming, I would spend at least an hour perfecting my log.

Yoke is also one of my favourite lifts, running with a shit ton of weight on your shoulders/back…to me that shows the real strength of the sport because usually you must pick up some ridiculous amount of weight and walk/run for 20m or so. And not many people can do that.

How do you stay motivated?

I stay motivated by setting small and big realistic goals for myself, to achieve every year. This includes process goals during training, my performance and the outcome I want.

Every year at the beginning of the year I write down all my lifting goals and numbers I’d like to hit, comps I want to do and what I want to achieve. I record all my goals and I keep viewing them, the date of when I reached my goals as well. I think it’s important to have a direction to aim for otherwise a lot of people tend to get lost and lose purpose. I don’t compare myself to anyone else but myself, I always aim to be better than what I was and used to be. Everyone has their own path and their own journey. I think it’s important to find motivation within yourself as well and not so much from the outside source. Even though it can be good at times, just make sure you don’t always rely on it because when you don’t have it you’ll struggle to find your own motivation.


If you’re having a bad day, how do you turn it around in training?

I just put my beats on and listen to my hubby Drake, he always makes everything better.

I just zone out, just turn up and get it done anyway because no one else is going to get the work done for me, regardless of how I feel – it’s still got to be done.


Who is someone you look up to in Strongman?


Charity Witt.
She competes in the middle weight class like me, she is incredibly strong and also fit. She is someone I aspire to be like if not beat one day.


How did it feel winning your weight class at Arnolds?

Incredible, I felt so accomplished and proud of myself. I worked damn hard for this competition and everything I put into preparing myself for Arnolds was all worth it.

I didn’t make my weight class in 2016 so I had to step up a class and came 7th. In 2017, life had other plans for me, so I didn’t compete even though I qualified. Because of this all I made sure that 2018 was going to be my year and it was.


You won by 17 points, were you expecting this?

I had high expectations for myself coming into this competition and I think a lot of people did as well. To lead first place by that many points is incredible. I knew I was going up against a lot of amazing strong athletes, but I didn’t think I would be leading by 17 points.

What/who do you accredit for your success in the sport and training so far?

I have a lot of people to be thankful for who have been there in my journey. Everyone has a role they play in my life making me where I am today with my training and achievements. I want to give myself a massive pat on the back for all the effort and hard work I’ve put myself through mentally and physically. Without my work ethic in the gym, I wouldn’t be where I am today had I given up 4 years ago when I thought it was hard and awkward.

I have my partner to thank for sure – Chris, who’s understanding and shares the same passion within the sport as me. He’s always pushing me to be the best that I can be and he believe in my abilities. I’m grateful for friends who I could easily go to for any advice any day and anytime and of course having a great coach/sponsor behind me, helping me with all my training and programming ensuring I’m stronger every training cycle.


What do you believe makes you different to other girls in the sport?

I think it’s my stubbornness with everything, especially when it comes to training. And I’m very overly committed, when I have a goal I make sure I achieve it no matter how hard I must work for it. I would say that I am mentally tough as well, sometimes I catch myself slipping and feeling weak, but I don’t ever let that linger on long enough to steer me in the wrong direction.

What was one of the highlights of Arnolds for you?

Probably the first event – the Strongman Squat. The first event is always the one I usually dread the most, especially when I was one of the first few to go. I was surprised at how well I did at this event, I had a number to hit in my head and I went above what I had written down for myself. I’m pretty sure I blacked out the whole 60 seconds and just kept going. It was such an incredible feeling, the adrenaline that I had going through my whole body was insane. Before I started to unrack the bar, I remember being kind of angry, the rage that I felt inside made the Squat feel weightless. It’s crazy, I don’t think I can fully explain the feeling that was going through me, but the first event was the highlight for me for sure.


You are now preparing for Static worlds, how are you feeling coming into this competition?

I feel nervous! No matter how many competitions I’ve done in this sport, I think it’s normal to feel nervous still! But good nervous, I’m excited to see what numbers I can pull on the deadlift and what numbers I can hit for Log. The Axel deadlift isn’t my most favourable event, but I will be trying my hardest on the day to put a decent number on the board.


How is your competition preparation going?

After coming back from my holiday in Thailand for two weeks, preparation was hard the first week. The second week things were moving better but it’s the third week that really brought my confidence back. I feel good and strong, just need to get this weight cut out of the way so I can inhale all the foods!

If you could train with anyone who would it be?

Sara Sigmundsdottir, she’s not from the Strongman sport but I love her. She’s an Icelandic weightlifter/crossfit, I feel like me and her are very alike. Plus she’s amazing, strong, good looking and she loves food and training just like me hehe.


Lastly what advice would you give to girls who are new to Strongman.

It’s awkward, it’s hard and it’s heavy but don’t be discouraged. Show up every session with an attitude of never letting the implements or weights defeat you. Progressing takes time, the sport is growing and there are heaps of girls lifting crazy numbers but don’t compare yourself to them, learn from them and form friendships and build one another up. Enjoy your journey and have fun!

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