Strongman Saturday

Strongman Saturday

Every Saturday at Coco’s gym located in Gold-Coast, we are running Strongman Saturday where all the strongman and strongwoman enthusiasts from Queensland gather and train altogether. Training kicks off at 8 am till noon in which all athletes go through different events such as yoke carry, farmers’ walk, log press, monster dumbbell press, axle clean and press and stone loading.

Strongman Brodie lifting stone over yoke

Strongman Brodie lifting stone over yoke

For the first time in our strongman Saturday training, we had 16 athletes attending our session last weekend. This was the best strongman training group we have had yet. For some, it was their first time that they ever lifted a stone or flipped a tyre and for the others, it was a perfect occasion to refine their technique. The training routine of this session was divided into 2 groups:  female and male.

The strongwoman group routine consisted of :

  • Farmers’ walk
  • Tyre flip
  • Overhead keg press
  • Stone loading

The strongman group routine consisted of:

  • Keg race loading
  • Farmers walk
  • Log press/axle clean and press medley
  • Stone over yoke
Lucia loading the 77kg stone platform

Lucia loading the 77kg stone platform

At Coco’s gym, we are doing our best to provide the best strongman equipment and advice to our members so they can appreciate our friendly group training whatever their current level. If you are keen in challenging yourself, come and attend our Strongman Saturday.

Jean-Stephen “Coco”
Sport Scientist/ Personal Trainer


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