Starting Strongman at Coco’s Gym

Have you thought about Starting Strongman training?

You can now find Coco’s Gym on the Starting Strongman page and network. Thanks to the strong work and passion from Strongman Kalle Beck. Kalle to date has been competing in Strongman in America for at least 6 years and is very happy to share his experience and ideas with anyone that is interested in the sport of Strongman or using Strongman training methods to help achieve greater strength and power. Learn more about Kalle here on his starting strongman story page:

If you want to get involved in the community with regular information and updates, head over to the group page and join up, with over 4200 members to date, it is growing rapidly and there is a huge wealth of knowledge being shared by a LOT of very strong people.

Starting Strongman on Facebook

If you were thinking about starting strongman training and maybe having a go at lifting an Atlas Stone yourself? Maybe some extra power is what you are after with some deadlifting and tyre flipping. We currently have a large selection of strongman implements as can be seen in our Equipment List here. Men and Women from 16yrs to 40yrs regularly join our sessions on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings. Have a look here for a write up of one of our recent Saturday Morning sessions.


If you have any questions of would prefer to be trained on the implements in a personal training session or in a private gym environment, please get in touch with me on phone or email.


Jean-Stephen Coraboeuf (Coco)

Coco’s Gym – Owner/Founder






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