Sisters in Strength at Coco’s Gym

Sisters in Strength held at Coco’s Gym


On Sunday the 9th of June Coco’s Gym hosted The Sisters in Strength workshop in the Gold Coast after their successful debut in Melbourne.
The initiative is aimed at empowering women through their love of strength sports and lifting weights as well as providing an opportunity to become involved in Strongman.

After registration and introductions the workshop started off with the 60 ladies who attended learning 4 of the key Strongman lifts:
-Log press
-Silver Dollar Deadlift
-Atlas Stones

These events were taught by our incredible team of Strongwomen Athletes – Lucia, Mari, Rai, Sarah, Kat and Arielle.

After lunch the workshop went on to the mindset section of the workshop where our two guest speakers Lucia and Mari shared their journey and experiences in the sport.
It was so amazing to see so many ladies altogether who share the same goals and love for lifting weights. Throughout the day new friendships were formed, endless smiles were seen and it was just a great girls day out!

To conclude the workshop were raffle prizes and the $300 giveaway to assist one of the ladies attending with their training journey.

Thank you to Kerryn and Mari for bringing the workshop to Queensland!

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