It’s time to reflect on the Brisbane Fitness expo 2015.

I am proud and honoured to say that I placed 2nd behind Australia’s strongest man Eben Le Roux.

The Brisbane expo’s Strongest man exceeded all my expectations and was a remarkably run competition with thanks to Marc and John Wells as always.

The events spread out through the two days were:

-Overhead medley 110kg log, 122kg axle, 130kg log and 142kg axle

-280kg Dead lift for reps

-Conan’s wheel 275kg

-Yoke carry: 360kg, 400kg, 440kg and 480kg

-Atlas stone loading

To say I am thrilled with my efforts on the day would be an understatement. Competing against some of the strongest men in Australia absolutely pushed me to my limits mentally and physically showing me what I am capable of.

The highlight of the competition for me was the completion of the 480kg yoke, it was not the most aesthetic run but along with determination, stubbornness and a powerful drive to finish it I did. A competition like this can bring out the best and worst in you, in my case the atmosphere and strong competition gave me the push I needed to take my strength to the next level that is not at all possible in everyday training.


To my competitors on the day I am proud to call myself part of the Strongman community you belong to and to see how far you all have come and I look forward to seeing many more accomplishments from each of you. To see a Strongman lift a 400kg yoke at 90kg bodyweight (Scott Hipwell) is simply astonishing and shows the versatility of the sport and competitors.

To my sponsors I could not have done a competition of this calibre without you.

-Harris stability systems for their phenomenal Strength gear, on the day I wore their new Strongman belt and Knee sleeves and believe without these pieces I could not of completed the 480kg yoke injury free.

-Nutrition warehouse for their unbeatable supplements that I used pre competition and afterwards for recovery, without this I would not of sustained the energy I needed.


Lastly a quick thank you to all my members, friends and the crowd for coming along to support the competitors and sport without you all this sport would not thrive.

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