December member of the month

December member of the month

Meet Daniel “Dan”

Daniel pulling a 145kg deadlift

Daniel pulling a 245kg deadlift

He has been a member for few months and he’s already been pulling some big numbers in both powerlifting and strongman. He first came in to the gym to do some rehabilitation work on his knee after coming out a knee surgery few months back. Primarily, his goals were to get back on track with his health and fitness, and later improve his powerlifting technique. His dedication, hard-work and his eager to learn have made him progress really fast! Daniel is always helpful and friendly with the other members. He doesn’t hesitate to help anyone out when it comes to spotting and moral support.

His current PB’s are:

Squat: 205kg, Bench press: 105kg, Deadlift: 260kg

Here are few questions that Dan answered concerning the gym and training.

Why did you sign up at COCO’S GYM?

I primarily wanted to sign up with Coco for the coaching and programming to take my training up a level. The strongman group training is also great fun and challenging.. But most of all the gym is full of motivated people who are all working towards becoming stronger one way or another and that gives Coco’s gym such a positive atmosphere.

How many times a week do you train?

5-6 Days

What are your training goals for next 6 months?

Competing in my first powerlifting competition and aiming for Nationals with a 650-700kg total.

What are your hobbies?

When I’m not training I’m either studying, eating or sleeping.

What is your favourite meal?

Anything Mexican, especially Nachos!

If you are like Dan, looking for a serious and fun gym on top of the best strength and conditioning coaching services on the Gold-Coast, COCO’S GYM is for you!

Jean-Stephen “Coco”

Sport Scientist/ Personal Trainer

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