Coco’s Christmas deadlift bash

Coco’s Christmas deadlift bash

What a fantastic night! 14 members attended the Coco’s Christmas deadlift bash onĀ  Wednesday, 17th. Overall, everyone did really well and some of you hit new deadlift personal best (PB’s). As a coach, I feel honored to have witnessed those lifts. The majority of them follow my training advice and programming concerning strength development and strongman training.

Here are the the best lift of each of the competitors that attended the deadlift night:

Daniel : 260kg
Ryan: 240kg
Jacob: 230kg
Jason: 185kg
Ben: 220kg
Bayley: 260kg
Jeremy: 120kg
Deane: 200kg
Chad: 220kg
Huppy: 220kg
Marc: 190kg
Chris: 185kg
Lisa: 100kg
Jodie: 115kg

Coco's gym organized the Christmas deadlift bash

Group picture of the deadlift night

Jean-Stephen “Coco”

Sport-Scientist/ Personal Trainer


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