Brisbane Fitness Expo Strongest Man 2014

Brisbane’s Strongest Man 2014

The Brisbane Fitness and Health Expo Strongest Man competition was on at the Brisbane Convention Centre on the weekend. Our training buddy and owner of the gym Coco, not only entered but did exceedingly well among some very strong people.

Overall Coco Managed third place in the competition, only beating 4th place by 1 point and 5th place by another point, it was incredibly close. Final placings after the event are below:


Joel Mcleod 40.5 points
Mike Jones 39 points
Coco 29.5 points
Matt Selves 28.5 points
Liam McIntyre 27.5 points
Dave Napper 18.5 points
Ahmad Taufiq 15.5 points
Adam Rose 13.5 points
Kurt Southam 2 points

The whole event was fantastic to watch and is something you should put on your calendar for next year. Well done to all lifters. and to Marc Wells Strongman for putting on a great event.

Events that were included in the competition:


Day 1:

Viking Press, maximum reps with 135kgs in 1 minute

Deadlift, maximum lift, 3 attempts, straps allowed


Day 2:

Axle Squat, maximum reps, 240kgs in 1 minute

Farmers Walk, 140kgs per hand, 4 lengths of a 10 metre course, maximum time, 75 seconds

Atlas Stone, 140kgs, maximum reps in 1 minute over 1.4 metre bar


Below is probably the highlight of Coco’s competition, coming 3rd in the deadlift event. A new deadlift personal best for him by 16 kilograms and his first triple bodyweight deadlift (weighing in at 110 kilograms that morning). (Thanks to Drew Sprigs of Masterpiece Strength Academy for the video)


See you tonight for Strongman training or on Saturday morning for Strength Quest.


Interested in trying out Strongman with a group or on your own, contact us on or Ph 0755380034



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