Axle Deadlift Competition

Free Stuff!

Have you been wanting to lift something heavy?

As a part of tomorrow nights Strongman Group training (from 6:30pm to 9:00pm at Coco’s Gym) we will be having a small deadlift lift off.

The winner of the event receives a 2kg tub of Urban Muscle Vanilla Flavoured Weight Gainer Protein Powder (Value $70).

The rules are simple, we will be using the new Axle with the large wheels, straps are allowed, Biggest lift will be based on bodyweight (ie: greatest multiple of bodyweight lifted). So if you are 70 kilograms and lift 210 kilograms, you have lifted 3 times bodyweight, if you are 100 kilograms and lift 250 kilograms, that is 2.5 times bodyweight and you would loose to the above lifter.

There is no charge for Members to enter, and it will be included in the normal $10 fee for doing Strongman group training.

The Mini comp will start from 7:30pm.

Who is in?

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