Axle Deadlift Competition Results

Coco’s Gym Storngman Group Training Axle Deadlift Competition:

So Bailey comes away with the win, he pulled 300kgs at 88kgs bodyweight, an amazing amount of strength, you should have seen how quickly it came off the floor!

The rest of the maximum lifts are below, with a hell of a lot of PB’s. Even Rochelle snuck in a 30kg log overhead, a new PB for her.

Sheetal 160kgs
Lucia 170kgs
Jason 200kgs (An awesome PB, he faught long and hard to get this one!)
DJ 200kgs
Ben 200kgs
Tyler 220kgs
Brodie 240kgs
Chad 260kgs
Luke 260 kgs
Deane 280kgs
Kurt 280kgs
Bailey 300kgs
Coco 340kgs

Was an awesome night with heaps of cheering from a big group! (15 people tonight!)

See you all on Saturday.

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