Strongman Group Training – Strength and Conditioning

Saturday Morning – 31st May 2014 at 8am at Coco’s Gym, Strongman Training with Strength and Conditioning.

This is our best group training so far with 6 participants turning up. I had set up a circuit for the group to do as quickly as possible, finished off with a Sandbag Carry for as long as possible. The program went like this:

– Log press 50kg 10 reps

– Conan Carry/Zercher Carry – 145kgs for 20 metres

– Keg Carry – 80kgs for 20metres

– Sandbag Carry – 20 metre course, as many lengths as possible


Jacob turned up for his first strongman group training and did amazingly well. Though his ego was left slightly bruised claiming he could do the carry “All Day.” The whole group pushed him after that for an impressive total of 5 lengths at the end of his set. Lucia, previously struggling with the log went on to do both sets comfortably at a weight of 30kg for ten reps. Alex, Chad, Deane and Luke all put in huge efforts (My favourite photo of the day is chad playing dead at the end of the strength and conditioning circuit, as seen below!) and pushed themselves incredibly hard and all finished two whole sets before we all went on to atlas stones and deadballs.


chad playing dead after the strength and conditioning circuit

chad playing dead after the strength and conditioning circuit


With the Queensland Strongman Series round three happening on the 27th of July (Register your interest here) we planned to practice with Atlas Stones on the tiered tower. The event requires:

– 100kg stone onto a 1.6 metre platform

– 110kg stone onto a 1.4 metre platform

– 120kg stone onto a 1.2 metre platform

– 140kg stone onto a 1.0 metre platform


At Coco’s Gym we have the tiered stone tower to train with and a 109kg, 120kg and 140kg stone. We (Alex, Chad and Deane) also practiced this day with a 75kg stone onto the 1.6 metre tower. Alex, Chad and Deane had never managed to load the 140kg stone in the past at all. All three of them managed to load the 75kg stone onto the 1.6 metre platform, the 109kg stone onto the 1.4 metre platform and the 120kg stone onto the 1.2 metre platform. As none of them had previously managed to load the 140kg stone, they chose to train with the 80cm platform. Luckily this day, Luke Middleton, the big boss and organiser behind the Queensland Strongman Series came along to check out the gym and he even chose to have a go at lifting the 120kg stone for some fun, but also to pass on some lifting/technique tips.


By the end of the session Alex and Deane had both managed new Personal Bests and had loaded the 140kg Atlas Stone onto the 80cm platform. Chad was incredibly happy despiteĀ  not loading it as he still picked it up 6 inches off the ground, something he had never done before. Below is a link to Alex’s 140kg stone loading video.

Alex Evans – First ever loading of a 140kg stone onto the 80cm platform.


Thank you for coming along everyone. There will be no strongman group training next week as I will be competing in the GPC National Powerlifting titles at the Hotel Grand Chancellor on the Gold Coast. Come along and watch, it will be the biggest powerlifting event in Australia’s history.

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