Atlas Stones – Strongman Group Training

Strongman Group Training – Atlas Stones

Once again we finished off a very good session with Atlas Stones. A few Pb’s were put forward by newcomers, Sean and Jase. It was also Jase’s first time lifting an Atlas Stone and he did incredibly well.

Other events trained were the 280kg tyre, we all worked to flip the tyre as many times as possible in a 30 second period. Dave and Sean both did 5 flips in that time, Sean possibly did it the fastest in about 27 Seconds. Everyone else set PB’s as well.

After the tyre, the group split, some went on to lift the Log and some went to the Farmers. Alex managed 2 reps on 95kg on the log. This is the competition weight in Division two. Chad managed 4 reps in each of his 2 30 second sets at 70kgs.

Farmers walks were taken on by Justin, Jase and Sean with Justin noting that 118kgs per hand was incredibly heavy. In the Queensland Strongman Series round 3 event on July 27th, Division two has to carry 125kgs per hand over a 20 metre course.

Conan Carry was done by all, with Lucia stepping in to carry 150kg yoke over the 20 metre course (very easily). Justin showed us how to carry 170kgs (Div 2 comp weight) and Sean, Chad and Alex carried 150kgs (Div 3 comp weight). Jase did well in his very first conan carry with managing 125kgs.

Everyone finished on Atlas Stones, Coco startred off by doing an easy 120kg stone without using Tacky. Everyone else had a good dig. Justin worked on his first three stones of the Queensland Strongman comp . Div 3 requires a 100kg stone to be lifted onto a 1.6m platform, 110kg onto 1.4m, 120kg onto 1.2m and 140kg onto 1.0m. We don’t currently have a 100kg stone so we started with a 75kg stone. Justin breezed through the first three stones… the 140kg stone to be lifted another time. Alex did the same. Sean set a new PB with lifting the 120kg stone onto the 1.2m platform. Jase also managed the 75kg stone onto the 1.2 metre platform in his first ever stone lift. Chad nearly fell over with the 109kg stone, you can see it in the video, Chad also fell backwards with his Conan Carry pickup…more practice.


Awesome morning everyone and thanks for coming along, our largest group yet with 8 people joining in. See you next week.

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