ISF double up Deadlift Competition.

Fructuous weekend for the COCO’S STRONGMAN CREW at the ISF double up deadlift competition. The guys managed to take home trophies in most categories:
Under 90kg: 1st place Andrew with a 185kg conventional deadlift and 210kg axle deadlift. Under 105kg: 3rd place, Jayden with a 160kg conventional deadlift and 170kg axle deadlift. (FYI it was his first ever competition).
Masters: 3rd place, Jason with a 200kg conventional deadlift and a 200kg axle deadlift. OPEN: – 4th place, James with a 250kg conventional deadlift and a 270kg axle deadlift.
1st place, COCO with a 340kg conventional deadlift and a 350kg axle deadlift.
Hard work always pays off,  Awesome effort everyone!

Next time the gyms ladies will be giving the deadlift challenge a go and hopefully are not working again!

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Coco- ISF deadlift


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