Gold Coast Strongman Challenge Update

Gold Coast Strongman Challenge Update

The first of the entrants are in and their names are below:

Coco’s Gym and Strongman Gold Coast together bring you the Inaugural Gold Coast Strongman Challenge.

Date: 16th November 2014
Start Time: 9:30am for Briefing, 10:00am first event
Warmup from: 9:00am
Cost: $30 (Includes comp T Shirt)
Entry Forms:

Novice Womens
Open Womens
Mens under 105kg
Mens over 105kg

Weigh in on Saturday 15th from 9:00am until 2:00pm or on the day for mens under 105kg, someone will be at the gym to weigh you from 9:00am on the 16th.

Novice Womens:
1. Log pres for reps in 60 seconds: 35kgs
2. Farmers Walk 15 metres: 53kgs per hand
3. Axle (small Wheels) deadlift for reps in 60 seconds: Weight 70kgs
4. Keg Loading to Tiered Tower: 15kg keg to 1.4m, 30kg keg to 1.2m, 45kg keg to 1.0m, 60kg keg to .8m

Open Womens:
1. Log Press for reps in 60 seconds: 50kgs
2. Tyre Flips over 15 metre course: Tyre weight approx 200kgs
3. Maximum weight Axle Deadlift
4. Stone over 1.2m Yoke for reps in 60 seconds: 75kgs

Mens Under 105kg Events:
1. Monster Dumbbell for reps in 60 seconds (50kgs)
2. Tyre flip over 15 metre course: tyre weight approx 280kgs
3. Axle Deadlift for reps in 60 seconds: 200kgs
4. Atlas Stone over 1.2 metre yoke: 109kgs

Mens Over 105kg Events:
1. Farmers Walk and Yoke Medley – 15 metres each way: Farmers 113kgs per hand, Yoke 280kgs
2. Maximum weight Axle Deadlift
3. Overhead Medley – 80kgs Keg, 60kgs Monster Dumbbell, 100kgs Log and Apollons Axle – 90 seconds
4. Atlas Stone Tower: 109kgs to 1.4m, 120kgs to 1.2m, 138kgs to 1.0m, 145kgs to .8m

Entry forms here:

For any questions, please post to this wall or message Coco’s Gym or Strongman Gold Coast.

Booth space available for sponsors and vendors wishing to sell and show products on the day of the event.

Maximum Axle Deadlift:
-No Sumo stance allowed.
-Straps allowed.
-No Tacky allowed.
-Each competitor has 3 attempts.
– competitor nominates their opening attempt the beginning of the individual event.
– Competitor can not drop their nominated weight after a failed attempt.
– weights to increase by denominations of 2.5kg
– No “Eddie Halls” allowed, weight must be controlled to the ground for the lift to count.
– 60 seconds to complete the lift after the whistle blows.
– No points awarded if no complete lifts are counted

Tyre Flips:
– Tyre starts standing behind the line.
– Competitor has 60 seconds to either complete the course or flip the tyre as many times as possible.
– Distance will be measured based on the last remaining point the tyre was either standing or lieing flat.
– Tyre has to completely cross the line.
– Entrant to start with hands touching the tyre.
– Timing will stop once the entrant has crossed the line completely with the tyre and has let go of the tyre on its downward side of the flip
– No points awarded if the tyre remains “unflipped”

Atlas Stones:
– No chalk allowed on the stones
– tacky is allowed
– If using the yoke, competitor is to start with wrists on the yoke crossbar
– if using the stone tower, entrant is to start with wrists on the stone tower platform
– Time will be taken from when the starter blows the whistle to when the competitor has let go of the last stone on the woter
– for reps, time will be 60 seconds from when whistle is blown. Competitor has to have let go of the stone after it has crossed the bar for the rep to count.

Log Press:
– 60 seconds to complete as many reps as possible
– entrant to start with hands on the handles of the log
– log must be controlled to the ground.
– log must be lifted overhead to a locked out position for, the down call will be given by the ref
– if the ref calls the down call before the time runs out but the log has not yet touched the ground, the rep will count as long as the competitor still controls the weight to the ground.

Farmers Walk and Yoke Medley:
– 60 seconds to complete the medley
– Entrant to start with the yoke “loaded” but the implement must still be in complete contact with the ground
– unlimited drops are allowed in the time allotted
– The yoke must finish completely past the 15 metre course line before you can move onto the second implement
– Both farmers implements have to be completely across the line before the timer will stop
– time is based on the combined distance of the two implements (not based on the fastest yoke if the entrant fails to complete the farmers)

Judges Decision is final.

Please respect the equipment.

More rules to come…

Scoring will be based on the number of competitors in the event. EG: 5 competitors, 1st place would be awarded 5 points, 2nd place awarded 4 points, 5th place 1 point. No points awarded if competitor is unable to complete one rep or one movement during the time alloted.

Entrants List:

Novice Women:
Sheetal Deo

Open Women:

Under 105kg Men:
Simon Morelli
Brodie Schultz
Luke Stay

Over 105kg Men:
Christian Kamphuis

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