Women’s strength workshop

Women’s strength workshop

Are you enjoying going to the gym and doing more than just Cardio? Want to get the most out of your squats? Have you wanted to try deadlifting but have too many people that “it is bad for your back”?

The women’s Strength workshop will make it learn your way around the strength training implements in the gym. What machines to use and how to get the most beenfit out of them. How many sets and reps to do. Which barbell you should use for pressing overheard or deadlifting.

From February 5th, Coco’s gym will be running a women’s strength workshop that will be run for 90 min on every Thursday at 6 pm.

The workshop will be run for a duration of 4 weeks, and will cover the followings:
– How to squat, bench, deadlift and overhead press the correct way.

– Functional basic Strongman movements: Farmers walk, Yoke carry, Log press and Stone loading.

– How to become an effective training buddy ( spotting on bench, squat) and how to safely use a monolift.

The workshop will run for 4 weeks and the cost is $25 per person per class (4 people per class). Discount available if you attend the 4 classes (Upfront payment only).

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Jean-Stephen “Coco”
Personal Trainer, Strength Coach, Diet and Nutrition Specialist


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