December 10, 2018


Book your Strength Seminar today!

Jean-Stephen Coraboeuf aka Coco is well known for being one of Australia’s leading Strength Coaches and a Strongman competitor to watch.
Coco uses his years of experience and his own Personal training system to help clients and members to reach their peak strength. As well as years of experience he graduated with a Masters in High Performance and Sports Science from Bond University with his specialties being Strength, Conditioning, and Physical rehabilitation.

Throughout 2018 Coco traveled around NSW and QLD to run Strongman and Strength specific seminars.
During a seminar with Coco he wont only increase your strength but you will leave with a better understanding of the technique involved and the cues needed to continue improving your training individually.

No longer do you need to sacrifice superior coaching and technique as Coco is now taking bookings for Seminars in 2019.

Seminars may be booked to suit your attendee’s needs and goals, whether it be for an upcoming Strongman competition, foundations or basic strength.

Contact for further information and to make a booking.