The new Monolift on the Gold Coast

A new Monolift on the Gold Coast


The monolift is not your typical squat rack found in mainstream gym. This specialised powerlifting machine allows for optimal squat training by taking the walkout way from the lift, allowing you to focus on your squat technique. To use the machine, you step under the bar like you would in a power cage or a squat rack. ThenĀ  your training partner pulls the lever moving the rack hook forward you can then proceed to squat. Once you return to the top of your squat, the lever is pulled back into place to catch the bar.


The hydraulic jack that is a part of the machine, has a pin loading mechanism to allow the pickup point to change for people of nearly any height. The shortest person we have had on the machine to date is 150cms and the tallest is 210cms with room to move both ways. The hanging hooks can be spaced further apart for a narrow hand grab, or wider for people with less shoulder mobility or that prefer a wider pickup.


Coco using his new monolift

Coco trying out his newest toy at Coco’s Gym, the Monolift


The monolift is an excellent machine for all types of squats and the extra width makes it ideal for sumo squats. If you are serious powerlifter, a strength trainer or you use the gym for fitness, the monolift will definitely help you to attain the optimum squat, and the squat is arguably the best exercise on the planet.


Come and try the new machine along with our competition benches and specialised powerlifting bars, I am sure you will find what you are looking for.


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