How to succeed in your fat loss

How to succeed in your fat loss

Combinations of increased physical activity and caloric restraint offer considerably more flexibility for achieving a negative caloric imbalance than either exercise alone or diet alone.

Dietary restraint plus increased physical activity through lifestyle changes offers health and fat loss benefits similar to those from combining dietary restraint and a vigorous program of structured exercise. Adding exercise to a weight control program facilitates longer-term maintenance of fat loss than reliance on either food restriction alone or increased exercise alone.


8 Benefits of adding exercise to dietary restriction for fat loss

  • It increases overall size of the energy deficit
  • It facilitates lipid mobilization and oxidation, especially from visceral adipose tissue deposits
  • It increases relative body fat loss by preserving fat- free body mass
  • It blunts the decrease in resting metabolism that accompanies fat loss by conserving and even increasing fat-free body mass
  • It requires less reliance on caloric restriction to create an energy deficit
  • It contributes to long-term success of the fat loss of the weight loss effort
  • It provides significant health-related benefit
  • It offsets the deterioration in immune system function that often accompanies weight loss

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