Meet our Athlete Flavs!

A little about Flavs… Originally from Brazil, her love for fitness started since a young age, around 12 years old. Influenced by her mum, who loves exercising, they used to go together to the gym and it was the beginning of her journey. Now living in Australia for over 10 years, what was a simple hobby has become a profession[…]

Train with us again!

Re-join and save. We understand that there are times when life gets tough, be it kids and their sport, work, study or things just happen. We also understand that during these times training becomes less of a priority.  But if you’re ready to get back into training again we’d love to have you back! To[…]

Coco’s Gym – Membership

Coco’s Gym has been operating as Queensland’s premier Strongman, strength, fitness and conditioning facility since 2014 on the Gold Coast. Headed by one of Australia’s strongest men and Sports Scientist, Jean Stephen Coraboeuf (Coco). The gym caters to a large range of fitness oriented individuals with a specialisation in strength sports and Strongman. Gym memberships[…]

Nutrition for Strength Athletes

Nutrition for Strength Athletes On Sunday we were lucky enough to have Harriet Walker from Athletic Eating come in to share her Nutrition knowledge with us throughout a 90 minute seminar. This seminar was specifically designed for Strength Athletes, covering general Nutrition considerations for active people and topics that relate to Strength Athletes. By the end of the seminar participants had a[…]