The Bulgarian Split Squat

Lets talk about this modified squat stance… Let’s talk about this modified squat stance. I would like address this lift to you since I was once concerned about my knees. Before I departed to the USA for the Arnold’s World Amateur Strongest Man championship, my knees gave me grief so I decided to do some[…]

Road to a bigger Deadlift

Tip 1: Strengthen your hamstrings Strengthen your hamstrings by focusing on the Glute-Ham raise (GHR) and Romanian Deadlift (RDL) exercises. A study by McAllister et al. (2014) found that the Biceps femoris ( main hamstring muscle) activity was maximized during the RDL and GHR. In depth, the concentric action of the Semi-membranous (SM) and Semi-tendinous[…]

Lets talk Sport Nutrition

Sport Nutrition Alright, Let’s talk Sport Nutrition. It has been said that strength athletes require more carbohydrate (CHO) intake than endurance athletes and I support this idea. Why do we need more CHO than other athletes? Strength training primarily uses the ATP-PC and Glycolysis (CHO use as fuel) system instead of the Cellular respiration system[…]