Online Coaching & Training Programs

Train online with Coco’s Gym! Online Coaching and Training programs are now available at Coco’s Gym to coincide with your budget, location and busy lifestyle! Training programs are tailored to suit your individual training needs and goals. All programs are created for you by a Sports Scientist and avid lifting competitor. You can now be[…]

Strongman group training

What makes a good Training Program?

What makes a good training program A GOOD TRAINING PROGRAM? Well, after spending several years at Uni studying the foundations of physiology and exercise, I ended up focusing on 4 principals that make my programming unique and efficient. Stop the bro-science and stop reading those silly bodybuilding magazines. If you have hit a training wall[…]

Strongman is for Everyone!

Whether you are male or female, short or tall, a beginner or advanced Strongman training is for you! It is a great atmosphere of like minded individuals along with a great workout! At Coco’s gym, we provide the best strongman and strength coaching, the state-of-the-art  equipment and the best atmosphere on the Gold Coast: logs 8′ to 12′, farmers[…]

Congratulations to Ben “Quadzillator” for winning his first Powerlifting Comp

Congratulations to Ben “Quadzillator 2.0” for winning his first IPF sanctioned powerlifting competition at UQ on Sunday with a 600kg total at 82.5kg Squat: 212.5kg Bench: 140kg Deadlift: 247.5kg At Coco’s gym we didn’t expect anything different from Ben, he is immensely dedicated to Powerlifting and always puts 100% into his training. If you are into[…]