Get strong now!

Get strong now! Have you ever wanted to get stronger and have a fierce workout plan that is tailored just for you? Do you also want to learn different techniques and see better results! The answer is closer than you think. It’s not Google, Instagram or your friend’s home workout plan it is local strength[…]

coco lifting log

Log lift competition

Log lift competition Last night, we ran our first log competition and it ended up being a great night. 21 lifters (6 females & 15 males) showed up and participated in this event. Several personal bests were broken while being in a great and fun atmosphere. Well done to Lucia for winning the female division[…]

January Member of the month

January Member of the month Meet Lisa, our January member of the month. A dedicated 41 years old woman that loves strength training. After her weight loss journey losing over 20 kg, she decided to take up strength training (powerlifting and strongman) and it then became her passion. After only 3 weeks through her individualized[…]

Women should train the same as men

Women should train the same as men There is no reason for women to train differently than men. Both genders gain and lose muscle and fat the same way. Don’t get me wrong, men and women sometimes have different goals but these goals can be achieved with the same training program.   At Coco’s gym,[…]

Lucia loading the 77kg stone platform

Women’s strength workshop

Women’s strength workshop Are you enjoying going to the gym and doing more than just Cardio? Want to get the most out of your squats? Have you wanted to try deadlifting but have too many people that “it is bad for your back”? The women’s Strength workshop will make it learn your way around the[…]

2015 New Year’s Promotions

2015 New Year’s Promotions To kick off the 2015 New Year, Coco’s gym is offering awesome promotions to kick start your New Year’s resolutions and help you get into the best shape of your life in 2015. PERSONAL TRAINING: For the 2015 New Year, discover how easy it is to gain strength and get toned[…]