The Strongman Saturdays training group at the Queensland Strongman Series Round 3

Queensland Strongman Series – Round 3 Results

On Sunday, 27th of July, Alex, Chad, Christian, Dean, Jason, Justin, Sean and I (The regulars from the Coco’s Gym Saturday morning training crew) participated in the round 3 of the Queensland strongman series. The day was incredibly good fun and very well run by Luke and the team that handled the proceedings. We are[…]

Gym machines or free weights?

Is it better to use machines or free weights? Most “globo” gyms contain different types of resistance training equipment. These broadly fall into two categories: machines and free weights. You usually find the free weights in their own area of the gym, which is usually populated by some big rough people, while the machines occupy[…]

Coco with Ed Coan at the GPC National Powerlifting titles 2014

GPC National Titles 2014 – Powerlifting

GPC National Titles 2014 – Powerlifting In early June I took part in an amazing event, the largest powerlifting event in Australia’s History at the Hotel Grand Chancellor in Surfers Paradise. I participated in the Australian GPC National Titles in powerlifting in the 110kg class for the 3 lifts, Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift. For[…]

Monolift arriving at Coco's Gym

The new Monolift on the Gold Coast

A new Monolift on the Gold Coast   The monolift is not your typical squat rack found in mainstream gym. This specialised powerlifting machine allows for optimal squat training by taking the walkout way from the lift, allowing you to focus on your squat technique. To use the machine, you step under the bar like[…]